The converse is true

Your true personality begins to develop
when you are able, by deep intuition, to
feel that you are not this solid body but
are the divine eternal current of Life and
Consciousness within the body.
Paramahansa Yogananda
“Man’s Eternal Quest”

So this is a sign of progress. A true first step. Until then we are grappling in the dark and imagining perfection

That inner intuition.
Spiritual progress is not imagination. It is not a fantasy that you go about saying shivohum, shivohum , that you are shiv or your the soul

That would be foolish wouldn’t it be? Saying I am shiv? Or like every religion says oh the soul

Foolish mind, wake up. What is the point of saying your Atman and even experiencing it when there is no gain?

If there is no gain, don’t pursue it. Stop reading my blogs

The answer is there is tremendous gain ! Peace Joy.
But what about food on my table? What about my daily life and work?

The answer is there is tremendous gain in daily and day to day life. Work is easier. Less stressful. In the very first basic, childish step you become more and more aware of events about you unfold before it happens

These things start to occur as consciousness opens up And you forget body and are aware of true self consciousness.

Then, yogi will smile and say shakti is awakened. The first baby step.

So when you become more and more aware of true self, then no effort is to be made. Your personality finally changes. Your interest in things goes away . You become calmer. Have love for others
Things no longer has a strong hold on you

These are the true signs you have made a Step. I am not interested in the folks who brag about mediation or Atman or Samadhi

And the converse is also true. If you have not made any steps,shakti is not awakened, then you don’t have daily intuition.

Pure consciousness is synonymous with increasing intuition.

Don’t cheat yourself into fake thoughts of progress

Btw : this takes a long time. Don’t rush it. You will make it slower. Why, if you rush it, there is less peace in mind. A mind without peace cannot know God.

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