There is only so much spirituality you can handle

Like I mentioned there are 7 soul types. Somewhere in previous blog

People can only handle spirituality only to a certain degree. Based on past and soul type

What do I mean?

1). Let’s say you believe in God. A figure. And you do good deeds. Can you handle being with God for eternity. Just sitting at his feet in love ? Of course not. You will at some point have thoughts of eating and mating and talking So if that is your concept of Heaven you are not ready ! But you will say I want to do good things in heaven. Help people on earth I know this is a bit of a shocker, God is fully capable of doing all things. Your ego will prevent you, your bodily consciousness and your mind will refuse an eternity of a life in heaven.
2) let’s say your not religious like above and your spiritual. You love reading about spiritual progress, hearing from saints, reading books from enlightened people , reading my blogs. Yet, after a while you mind will get tired ( for the most part – I know a few exceptions) and you can’t absorb or hear spiritual things any more. You just need a break The duration of the break and the length you can remain immersed varies
3) Now let’s say you can hear and read Spirituality all day. You want to make progress. You meditate increasingly many hours a day. But in order to make your emotional status stronger, mind stronger, destroy your ego – guess what hardships in life will come. Sometimes with ferocious intensity. It is designed to take you to your limit. So now this is a different level of intensity that someone on the path can handle.
I must confess, at the feet of Gurudev , I told him I am very weak and can’t handle much. He told me it is very important to grow strong and pointed out DNB – said look at him You will never know how much he has endured. And that is true. Even now when I talk with him no matter what he is always peaceful and joyous. Just a few minutes , even in silence is helpful

There is a second side to the hardship. You need a Guru. He can help you with the hardships. My taking it away – dissolving it.

Now what does the aspirants do with their hardship – if the Guru is not in physical body?

  1. The disciple can visit his samadhi
    2)There are great places of pilgrimage or saints like – Shirdi Sai Baba, Neem Karoli Baba who intercede if needed. It is difficult to grab their attention. An intensity with love is needed. An awakened shakti draws their attention immediately.
  2. certain mantras can help. Provided if given by an enlightened person

So growing up , getting stronger is a slow process. You can’t get stronger by imaginary spirituality. Nor can you get stronger by reading books. Your mind has to transform. And that transformation is done by awakening of shakti !

Like I said , there is only so much spirituality you can handle

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