Is this an Ordinary simple statement?

You cannot be free unless you have burned the seeds of past actions in the fire of wisdom and meditation.

~ Sri Paramahansa Yogananda,
“Yogoda Satsanga annual-series booklet”

This is a profound statement! It gives a complete solution!

  1. Karma – until all karma is destroyed you can’t escape
  2. Reading this is karma. Breathing is karma. Walking is karma is karma. Not walking is karma. Eating is karma. Not eating is karma How do you perform karma without accumulating karma? There is a trick to it
  3. Karma can be destroyed in 4 ways. Paramhansa Yogananda describes two ways – Fire of wisdom. That is samadhi. Saying you are shiv or you are that Is merely the slightest of slight baby step. Experiencing truth is wisdom. I have mentioned and described it in detail elsewhere. In this wisdom the body is lifeless, and there is not a single thought The second step is mediation. So before you reach full Samadhi, if you mediate with a few tricks, you can destroy karma.

Hope this explains everything!

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