Fakes are abundant

On several occasions Paramahansa Yogananda told his disciples: “After my passing, many ‘mediums’ will say they are in touch with me and are receiving my ‘messages’ for the world.  All such statements are false.
“My message for the world has been expounded in my speeches, classes, and writings.  Do not be misled by persons who, after my physical departure from the earth, will assert that they are receiving new teachings from me.  To sincere seekers who in prayer request my help, I will always give it gladly and silently.”
 Paramahansa Yogananda, God Talks With Arjuna

No prophet is allowed by God to remain on earth before the public gaze forever.   Mahavatar Babaji has kept his body indefinitely, but he is not permitted to flaunt that special dispensation before the world.  That is why he is not available to mankind, except through the silent bestowal of his blessings.  Though ever-living, he is ever-hiding.*
SeeAutobiography of a Yogi*, Chapter 33.
The Second Coming of Christ]

Remember this. !

This is true. Once any path us exposed fully to the public – then Shakti diminishes. Why?
That divine shakti demands purity of heart and perfection. Where is the perfection in this world that she can remain public?

Often times I have been asked why do I write? The answer is simple. I write it for my kids. Do not bother reading my blogs or talking with me! There are many very famous Gurus out there. With millions and millions of dollars
What can I possibly want from anyone in this world? The world offers nothing. I exist to serve and help others
Like it is said in the Bible. The harvest is plenty the laborers are few

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