Relaxation in sleep and while awake

Relaxation in sleep……
During sleep, there is involuntary relaxation of energy from the motor and sensory nerves. Through practice,one can produce this relaxation during walking state also,at will. In big the sleep of death, there is total relaxation—the retirement of energy from heart and cerebrospinal axis. By deep meditation, this complete relaxation may be produced consciously in the walking state. In other words, every involuntary function may be accomplished voluntary and consciously by practice….
Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda.
Man’s Eternal Quest… Page 213.

However there is a lot more that happens. As we relax , the prana goes into a special naadi Once it is there – the body conscious is automatically lass lost. Rest of the body nerves are finally sedate. The constant firing of the sensory and motor notices ceases. The body gets it much needed rest

Now what a yogi does is learns to relax all the nerves in mediation and his prana goes in brahmanadi ! This is the first step in true mediation.

Why is it that people get tired in mediation. It is because this crucial step has not been learnt. It takes it time.

Once we master it in mediation, then we master the technique while engaged in worldly activity. Those people are much higher. They have many gifts which can change and help others

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