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There are two days which should be a holiday

One is Mahashivratri.

The other is Guru purnima

Tomorrow is Maha shivratri. On this day, people who are Bhakta of Shankar Bhagwan fast but eat only Falahar. In general they eat things from potatoes or sweet potatoes or moraiyo

Light food is essential and the goal is to meditate

The story is there was a hunter ( Suswar ) who sat on top of a tree looking to hunt. Under the tree there was a Shivling. The tree was a bili patra and Shankar Bhagwan loves Bili patra. The Hunter kept dropping the leaves on the Shivling and Shankar Bhagwan was pleased

Some use a Brahmin in the story with the name Lubdhaka who coined the tree in fear

Simple enough story.

A Hunter is someone who kills animals. The senses are animals , merely interested in external world and life. A Hunter meaning someone who wants to kill animal tendencies / being imprisoned by the senses. Suswar means music. He listened to the divine music of Aum. He dropped bili patra. A thousand – this is the secret technique of liberation. One has to learn it from a Guru. Then Shankar Bhagwan is pleased.

This is Maha Shivratri meaning samadhi. Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

The picture of Shankar Bhagwan or Shivling is perfection ! Every part of it depicts perfection. If anyone ever wants to know all they need to do is ask

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