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Soham , sohum or Hung-sau

Link to Original Document Mohangiri Maharaj said it best This is the sound occurring 21,600 times a day in all humans. It coincides with the breath. All one has to do is observe it. Paramhansa Yogananda called in Hung – Sau. Gurudev and Mohangiri Maharaj called it soham. I will describe it – what I …

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Why a country fails – Karma

Link to Original Document Just like humans have karma – which must be endured,similar is the plight of a country. I believe it was Vivekananda who said, India went through misery since the country did not help others when it could have thousands of years ago This by itself becomes a warning for ruling countries …

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5 vyoma part 2

Link to Original Document So the last part of vyoma, was a teaser. It gives the initial vyoma or space. Everyone experiences the bhutakash, the space of the universe. There are other inner spaces I described – those inner spaces are not related to the universe that people know. However even at the apex of …

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