Soham , sohum or Hung-sau

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Mohangiri Maharaj said it best

This is the sound occurring 21,600 times a day in all humans. It coincides with the breath. All one has to do is observe it.

Paramhansa Yogananda called in Hung – Sau. Gurudev and Mohangiri Maharaj called it soham.

I will describe it – what I can say – in a public forum. There are more details which give more of the heart elsewhere.

There is a sound produced when we take a breath in – the sound is Hung. And as we exhale it is sau. Together, it becomes Hung-sau and if you start with exhalation – it becomes so ham. or so hum. There is a meaning to it – a sound that says That I am. This refers to the experiences within, and when you see a certain light, when you come back, the sound so hum is an reminder that you are the divine light

Many people, those who cannot go within, may resort of the mental chanting of Hung sau or so ham. It is a good starting point, but eventually, you must listen to the sound, and continue to listen to more and more subtle sounds. Ultimately, after you pass through many subtle and beautiful and melodious music, you will hear or experience so hum. What starts off as a more gross sohum or hung sau sound, eventually becomes a more beautiful melody

Yogananda said, that one hour of hung sau is like 24 hours of prayer. However, this is true when you go within.

This subtle vibration in the purest form is called vimala. More about it later.

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