Life story – on ego

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This is true for everyone. Maya gives people success only to destroy them later. Why? It is a cat and mouse game

What happens is that those who achieve success make the Cardinal mistake that the success was because of their skills and intelligence. There couldn’t be anything further from the truth

As a result of this erroneous thinking, ego develops. This ego trap is hard to destroy for decades or life times. People are unwilling to let go of their ego. This ego often brings them to poverty, bankruptcy and humiliation. Yet the soul is unable you get rid of their vain thinking. They will blame bad luck and others.

Although the downfall cannot be avoided one can minimize the impact by humility. Success was due to incredible luck and blessing from God. Leave it at that. Even if your intelligence was in the play, intelligence was from genetics and you have no control over where your next birth will be

This life is for you to grow. Emotionally. Humility. Surrender to God. Learning to go within. Yet people choose to do the opposite

It is possible and easy to go within. You just need proper guidance. However people have ego which prevents them from going within. I recently encountered someone who felt he know Guru very well. But he had never met the Guru and even refused to hear anything about the Guru from a life long disciple Do you see the strength of ego. This prevents people from making any progress ever

Peter Lynn ( Aka Janakrishi) foremost disciple of Yogananda – was introduced to an aspirant of the path of Yoga. The aspirant had not started. Peter was introduced as an advance disciple. Their conversation started with focus on Aum. The aspirant talked 30 min about aum and Power could not say a word!

A true Yogi has first hand knowledge of Aum. Yogananda said – in the initial part you should hear Aum. It is part of going within. There are beautiful celestial music. Intoxicating music. There is divine light! Much brighter than the sun. Divine taste and an aroma that is overwhelming These divine sensations have to be confirmed lest it is your imagination. Then you can feel secure you are going within

Peter had those experiences. Isn’t it funny how an aspirant could try to teach Peter? Such is the vanity of people. You can read all scriptures but will have made no progress. But once you go within, those same scriptures will be divine – for you will know the true meaning.

People say love God. However you can only understand love as an emotion. Thai is not the pure love for God. Pure love for God is different Just cannot be described. One who is afflicted by it – his body collapses. There are other things too. People can feign love for God by collapsing but that is not love. So I don’t describe all things. These are things not found in scriptures. One has to hear it from a Guru.

This is why reading is not enough. Experience is needed. Grace of Gurudev is needed. Anyone who feels they understand scriptures – Shakti does not go there. Enjoy your ego she says

Enough said.

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