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Hinduism has a peculiar concept called Moksha or liberation. Hindus believe that after death, the journey continues – you may go to heaven or hell for a specified duration and then you come back until you learn the life lessons. So what are the life lessons?

  1. Recognize all is God. The Good, the bad and the ugly. All creation is God. If that was not the case, then something else must have existed besides God. Who made the other thing that existed besides God? The only solution is God made everthing and since nothing else existed besides God, then God himself became everything
  2. Since all is God, one must learn his identity with God
  3. Love God and thus love all creation (not in a sexual way) and love God equally
  4. The above should be accomplished not in an intellectual way but as an experience
  5. The experience should be continuous without any break.
  6. This requires that there should be no likes or dislikes or even being neutral. This is often thought of as a witness attitude.
  7. This can only be achieved by conquering the three Gunas.
  8. The three gunas are Aum
  9. It takes a very very very long time to recognize the three Gunas. You may understand the effects but not really experience it. After all, how many hear the Aum in meditation?
  10. Hearing aum or its experience is a small step in a long journey
  11. That is why in Gita, it is …
  12. I have searched, there is no one out there in public view who even remotely knows this Hardly one or two may have an experience.
  13. The deeper step is going beyond it
  14. Deeper still is conquering it.
  15. Without the blessings of a Guru, none of this is possible
  16. In that case, who was the first Guru? Shankar bhagwan
  17. One may ask who was his Guru ? The answer itself is found in Samadhi. It cannot be put in words
  18. The photo of Shankar bhagwan says it all. All parts of liberation are in his photo
  19. With the blessings of a Guru, the three gunas are conquered
  20. This is the final step of liberation
  21. And also the beginning of all sorts of powers / vibhuti as described by Patanjali
  22. If those powers are not present, you have not reached anywhere
  23. The powers appear in minor steps
  24. All powers rarely appear
  25. Liberation is when established in this divine status
  26. Otherwise rebirth is a certainty
  27. When established in this status, a peculiar thing appears
  28. Only the Guru knows what this is
  29. Or how it is done
  30. Mastery is needed
  31. This is the path in short
  32. Every step may take several decades
  33. Or longer
  34. Progress must continue uninterrupted
  35. There is the fear of getting enmeshed in maya
  36. Then only Shakti or a Guru can bring you back on path
  37. Thus ends a brief overview of Moksha or liberation
  38. Love and blessings
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