March 2023 archive

Boredom – your enemy

Link to Original Document There are phases in your life where you will get bored. There is nothing much going on in life. You are off from work. No events coming up. Your home responsibilities fulfilled. No good show. No sports And your mind will wonder what can I do? At that point the mind …

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Be vigilant

Link to Original Document In darkness the soul roams The illusion of light, his chain of prison Illusion of knowledge, a fools tools Be vigilant Be vigilant For I am always there You see me not Ignore the thoughts, emotions and ego My eternal love always there Joy unbound, you will know Your problems solved …

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Stuck in quicksand

Link to Original Document I have had an ongoing battle with God. Why do you hide? Why do you hide how to reach you (God) His answer – I don’t hide. I am everywhere. Within you and outside you. The pure in heart will see me (Bible). That is the one thing people don’t do …

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