Struggles of Life -how to cope

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Here is a compilation of how to deal with life struggles. I hope it helps. It is full of things that are true

  1. Life is full of struggles
  2. Everyone struggles, you just dont know the struggles of others
  3. There are periods of happiness. But even then there are minor nuances always
  4. Bigger struggles are inevitable
  5. Everyone goes through financial issues for 8-10 years of their lifes, often much more
  6. God is kind and loving. The struggles are not to hurt you or cause any pain.
  7. The struggles are there so you can shake yourself awake and break the mud around you. You are the divine, you are the diamond, you are the jewel.
  8. The mud is your mind (desires and emotions) and your past bad karma
  9. Be nice to everyone, caring and genuine and you can stop bad karma from accumulating.
  10. Never think of hurting anyone, even if they do you bad
  11. One of our biggest pain is emotional pain in life. Aurobindo called it an uncontrolled vital. Part of it from desires not being fulfilled and other part if from hurt feelings
  12. Hurt feelings are from ego.
  13. It is better to be a total nothing and surrendered to God presence rather than being or feeling you are something in this world. Thinking you are something in the world is another way of inviting pain in life
  14. So focus on being and remaining nothing in Gods presence, and not having ego.,
  15. Do not crave to be something to the world or have a self assumed feeling of importance
  16. Do not want or depend on others emotionally. This will always cause immense pain. This includes not wanting to be appreciated for anything you do. People may think you are stupid, so what? The only thing important is your connection to God
  17. People will hurt you many times over. Ignore it
  18. You are the diamond, the jewel. You are priceless. Again and again remind yourself about it. The hurt feelings prevent you from knowing it.
  19. Refuse to be taken over by those hurt feelings.
  20. Just say no to the hurt feelings. And your thoughts. Your thoughts are all geared to support your hurt feelings. Dont fall trap to it
  21. The pain in this world, gives you an occasion to go within, shake the dirt off and know your divinity. Be thankful to all those situations and people who give you the reason to go within
  22. It takes a decades to shake off the mud successfully. Be brave and continue
  23. The trick is as follows. You have hurt feelings or desires. Step back. Say a strong no and refuse to be not affected by it. You may have to say no..a lot of times. Do the Sinh (lion mudra) and remain unmoved. In time, you will learn not to be shaken by the emotions. This is a significant victory
  24. Next step is to look within and above, and you will realize a higher self and also see where the emotions come from. In time you will see how your own ego created the emotions.
  25. After that you will see other factors that lead to ego.
  26. These smaller steps where you see many small parts of you…is called Tanumansa
  27. There are many such small steps
  28. Each step has to be successfully dealt with. After a few initial victories, it becomes easier.
  29. Those small elements or steps like emotions, ego, will seem like they are outside you. Which is true. Since you are the divine covered in the mud of ego and emotions
  30. When you reach the highest and most subtle part of ego, you will see it comes from the 3 gunas
  31. After you can negotiate the three gunas, Patanjali says, all powers come to you in steps.
  32. That step describes vibhuti pada, the victory over all personal hinderances
  33. Initial steps can be done without a Guru.
  34. Higher steps require a Guru at all levels
  35. Shakti awakening is the ability to do this with ease
  36. It gives permanent peace
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