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I just heard about this recently. It stands for Sudarshan Kriya yoga.

Sudarshan – vaguely means good vision

Kriya yoga – loosely refers to a yoga technique of breathing

Yoga – means unite with God. In USA people think of Yoga as some body exercise, breathing , meditation, chanting aum and something that will give you peace

I intentionally do not reveal all the full meaning here. It is easier and more secure to learn from a true Guru

My hospital has periodic courses offered to the employee – free of charge. This is to help people relax. I am sure many people rave about it

From what I understand, they were taught 3 out of the 9 breathing techniques. Book’s and online media only know of 8 pranayama. The most valuable is kept a secret. That is what I am lead to believe. Moreover it is impossible to do it without a Guru giving you permission. Besides that I don’t know much

The three they are taught locally are

  1. Bhastrika
  2. Ujjayi
  3. Surya bhedan.

The reader is welcome to look them up on the you tube videos or join SKY breathing courses. There are many number of qualified people who can teach these things

The punch line

I am not talking about any of those things in my blog. What I refer to is the traditional yoga. Traditional Yoga – means unite such God.

On the way there should be divine experiences such as tasting nectar, hearing aum, music, etc. Peace is part of it but there is much much more.

So I write about those things Please don’t mistake me to be saying that I experience them.

There is a big difference between western psychology and traditional yoga. Western psychology relies on accepting emotion, using calming medication, anti depressants, discussing feelings, resolving them Here I make peace with emotions and accept that you are the body and this is how we are.

In traditional yoga, the goal is to separate out from emotions. You step back, disassociate from the emotions, learn your divine self, and realize that your inner self is always at peace and has love and emotions are a grotesque graft to the soul causing pain and anguish. You learn to defeat it, realize your divinity and remain at peace. This is of course difficult and you will be forced to accept a difficult transition with anger, anguish, etc. those thoughts are a battle from the inner ego. But once you succeed it becomes easier as time goes by. Finally there is much joy, inducible joy

My way is much more powerful but for a while you may suffer the pain of perceived unhappiness. Soon, you will realize, that all the unhappy situations in life were strategically placed so you can realize your divinity After all , in there is no thinking, no imagination and no emotions what is left is divine self, then joy !

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