Who is a fool?

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There are many idiots in the world

  1. A person who thinks there is happiness in the world. It is full of struggles
  2. A person who thinks that life will always be painful
  3. A person who thinks that life will always be good
  4. A person who thinks his wealth is forever
  5. A person who is not willing to look for a Guru
  6. A person who picks a fool as a Guru
  7. A person who after finding a perfect Guru keeps looking
  8. A person who thinks Gyana is about hearing things and understanding. It is about experience
  9. A person who uses theory in Yoga and has no experience
  10. A person who wants to come back again to this world. Go through all the pain of learning, having money, working hard, enduring pain and humiliation, alway searching for happiness
  11. A person who after hearing that joy is within, keeps looking out at the world
  12. A person who cannot give all to his or her true Guru
  13. A person who does not know what a true Guru does and is not even willing to learn about a true Guru
  14. A person who thinks he he will not die. There is death everywhere. Be prepared. It could be any minute
  15. A person who cannot attend to Satsang
  16. A person who thinks who thinks a true Guru can have thousands of disciples. A true Guru will have very limited disciples.
  17. A Guru is he who awakens your Shakti
  18. A disciple who accepts a Guru but does not see signs of awakening and sticks with the Guru. One sign is a must
  19. A person who has a trivial experience and thinks he is a Siddha
  20. A person who does Yoga but does not become kind or loving or make any attempts to conquer anger, greed, personality of deception, has thoughts of hurting others etc
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