How to look impressive ( without any substance)

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  1. Wear saffron clothes
  2. Long beard preferable
  3. Speak in a wise tone
  4. Throw in words that others won’t understand. ( advaita, Panch tattva, Panchikaran etc)
  5. Say blessings ( a way to show superiority)
  6. It’s all in the delivery
  7. And the stupidity of listeners
  8. They are interested in money. They will show And talk about charity, serving others etc this is true in all religions, churches And temples. That’s how many of the Guru are very rich. They take money in name of charity And helping others. There are some better than others though.

There you have done it!

Well I recently heard a short talk like that. It was quite meaningless

A smart person who knows would only talk like

  1. At the level of the listener.
  2. If he uses certain words he would explain
  3. He gives blessings without saying blessing ( there is a secret technique that a Yogi knows)
  4. He remains in Advaita but shows dvait ( duality to explain to others)
  5. He has his own style. Not a copy of a Stereotype
  6. He does not want to impress he wants the listeners to progress
  7. He understands the fault of others. Loves them
  8. Such people who insult you , you may not by upset but Shakti is not forgiving
  9. Recently I had a conversation. The person was quite accusatory – you are wrong, you are contradictory, talking advaita And acting dvait, you are in ways don’t have the right to mention Shankaracharya because I am married etc. Quite hilarious.
  10. I encouraged him to continue to educate me ! It is a golden opportunity for me to prescribe patience, kindness And love
  11. Progress is in going within not by any lecture
  12. Critics help you practice titiksha. Be grateful

Other general things

  1. A person who has more than one Guru has no Guru.
  2. This is because he does not understand a Guru
  3. You may steal from others. But you must be ready. However such great people from whom you can steal are far and few.
  4. If you have a true Guru , you will not even think of finding another Guru
  5. One should give a Guru money – if he is a gruhasthi or Sanyasi. They don’t need much. And never ask. If you wonder why, then ask Shakti or an accomplished disciple
  6. The road is far far more complicated than you can imagine. Just in muladhar, one has to go through reach prithvi tattva , recognize the 56 petals in the tattva ( the chakra has 4) and conquer each one.
  7. Muladhar is not where you think
  8. Not are the chakras
  9. Hence a Guru is needed
  10. Each step needs a Guru.
  11. Only a Guru can explain the steps.
  12. Those who have gone within, can tell you what is within. Rest live in fantasy Writing things on speculation And reading books
  13. Read my blog on how do I know I have gone within?
  14. Signs of awakened kundalini is also a most read
  15. Only an enlightened person can explain panchikaran. There are only 5 tattvas how can 5 things mix with a copy of the same 5 to make 25? That means there are 10 tattvas
  16. Some people call atma as tattva. It shows ignorance. Atma is beyond tattva
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