Boredom – your enemy

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There are phases in your life where you will get bored. There is nothing much going on in life. You are off from work. No events coming up. Your home responsibilities fulfilled. No good show. No sports

And your mind will wonder what can I do?

At that point the mind is still looking for something fun. Something to do. This is where you realize why it is called ananadatva – the pleasure principle. It constantly seeks pleasure. Physical, mental and even makes fun of God by taking religion and spiritual talks as fun

The outside world cannot give either fun or pleasure. It is mere darkness until you are within. However by habit you will only think of the world – not the joy within

What is to be done?

Go within! Once you go within – go in a state where the mind is not active, the ego sublimated then suddenly you will find true joy. A joy that was always there in this world and within – even in all the pain in life and it was always there within you. It was there when you tried to meditate and found it boring! That’s why yoga is the art of meditation. Learning the skill to find the joy. Forget about God. Just find this joy

Meditate with closed physical eyes and open eyes within! Be vigilant. Search within but not with thoughts! Search by intensely looking within. If you think then meditation is over. You wont find it. In this intense vigilant meditative search – first you will see where thoughts and emotions arise, then see karma, your past habits and the true reason of desire!

Then suddenly, suddenly you are within! The mystery is over! There is intense joy, immense joy. The search is over. In time, you will learn to find that joy even when going in crises! You can actively help others! They won’t know it ! I say these things based on what I have read

Now the path of Yoga finally starts. Miracles become the norm rather than exception. You crave being in that state. Alas that is not to be yet! There is much more to be done! The world will seem different! You see people differently. Spirtual help is what is needed! Spirit means breath! Only a Guru can give that. That power is not ordinary. It gives you the ability to be in that state. If not always, a glimpse is enough to be a traveler on this divine road – Raj yoga

Boredom – the day where you can change your life forever. Go within. Destroy boredom forever by the joy within

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