Is he or she the right person?

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I am writing this in general. But it can be applied to everything

Let’s say you want to find a good surgeon. What do you do? You ask friends. But in reality friends can only go by what they heard or an experience they have. But do they really know what happened in the operating room? They don’t

Or you go by Google ! It is so flawed. Often times people are more likely to complain than praise. Also do the users know what happened in the operating room? They don’t

Or you may say I had a good interview with the doctor. He explained everything. Very nice doctor. Wait a minute – are you looking for a nice doctor or a good surgeon? You really can’t just go by personality.

Truth is you can only know who is good by knowing the OR skills Again that can be biased too but less likely

The other curious thing is once you form an opinion – positive or negative it is very difficult to change it. Like a stupid idiot the mind will continue to repeat its own stupid movement And the person thinks he or she is very wise

Often times this happens in dating where you feel the person is great inspite of a lot of red flags and your friends saying no

But the most serious situation is when you do it with a spiritual Guru. True Gurus are very rare. I have said this repeatedly. Recently I talked with someone who believed an unnamed person was perfected. However the truth is the unqualified Guru had not even started

That’s why in the Hindu scriptures they say, test the Guru And the Guru should test the disciple. If they both qualify then it is a rehash guaranteed for success

How do you test a Guru ? The answer ask the Guru something unusual related to scriptures or about meditation then you will know. The other thing is make sure you have some sign of awakening ! Shakti awakening is real but uncommon.

However the fools who don’t test the guru And have no signs of awakening are truly unfortunate. A life that is wasted. It is said that once you have awakening, then you no longer want to or need to ask questions about spirituality to anyone. Such souls are rare. They don’t go to any one. Why should they? They simply go within And find the answer

Another important question you can ask is – how do I go within? Or ask something which only a person with experience would know. When you hear their answer, you will realize wow only a person who has gone to those heights would know

It is that simple. Why stay in darkness when the answer is within?

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