Why a country fails – Karma

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Just like humans have karma – which must be endured,similar is the plight of a country.

I believe it was Vivekananda who said, India went through misery since the country did not help others when it could have thousands of years ago

This by itself becomes a warning for ruling countries The karma of the rulers / government will haunt the public and country. Eventually every country fails. Ruling a country benevolently is not so easy. After a while, the public will demand more and become complacent. People in general want to make more money with less work. This of course means you are going to feed on other people or other countries hard work. Eventually, the benefit of other peoples labor will catch up to you in the form of bad karma. People have the responsibility to the nation just as much as to their selves. However, most people are selfish and make selfish decisions ,disregarding the nation itself and this become a bad karma. The sequence of responsibility is very clear.

This was but just one example. The fall of any country then ensues mostly from unexpected and unforeen expenses. In the past it was losing the country to another country in war. (maybe even now). Unexexpected expenses – will come from natural calamties. Disease, storms, flooding etc. It creates economic havoc. A country can only keep up with it for so long.

So if there is a God, why do these natural calamaties happen? How can they be stopped? Jesus was asked this question. Can the course be avoided if there were a few hundred good devout people? He said, I will save the area if there are only 2 devout people. Now of course, his definition of devout is different than our definition or our illusionary definition of devout. That kind of purity is very rare. In truth only one person is enough. A while ago, I met a yogi. He said, if he was permitted to meditate, he could eliminate the debt of the country. He did not elaborate further. Times change and such people disappear.

Vasistha Maharaj, thousands of years ago, was asked, in such calamties, whose karma is responsible for such pain? His answer was – and I dont remember exactly (it is a big book and would have to read it again) – the collective karma of a species is paid back collectively. You can interpret it as you chose.

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