5 vyoma part 2

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So the last part of vyoma, was a teaser. It gives the initial vyoma or space.

Everyone experiences the bhutakash, the space of the universe.

There are other inner spaces I described – those inner spaces are not related to the universe that people know.

However even at the apex of the inner worlds, there are even more spaces which are 5 in number

I am describing this, almost verbatim from Mahayog vigyan. I would strongly recommend you read it from the original book also. Mayayoga vigyan gives credit to Yogaswaroday, an ancient but very accurate text. A word of caution, these are very internal and deep levels. Anyone who has gone to those levels, will be of extra ordinary caliber

Now, Shankar bhagwan now gives the names and the description of the 5 akash / space located within Sushumna.

  1. Akash
  2. Mahakash
  3. Parakash
  4. Tattvakash
  5. Suryakash. (this is called surya but it is no the sun).

These 5 vyoma are progressively more subtle and higher than one another. (Inner most is surya akash).

First Akash is both inside and outside and is without any shape and always pure. One should try to make the mind free of sankalpa and vikalpa, thought free (sunya), and also no longer dependent (on outward objects). This should be the objective so that way you can make your mind thought free without any effort.

The second parakash is like a dark clouds filled sky and is without light. Here also, one should try to absorb the mind within without thinking of any consequences. The third is Mahakash which is like the light of fire (mahabhoot tattva), which lights up the world at the time of the end of yuga (the four cycles). Once again one should have the mind absorb within this light.

The fourth is tattvakash. Here the light is like countless millions upon millions of lit up lantarns. The mind should get absorbed in this. The last is suryakash. Here the light is like millions of suns gathered together. One should get absorbed in this and merge into that light. This way, a yogi depends on the outside light and the inner light and space. The empty space, depends on the pure inner light. One should focus on that inner most space and the light that supports it, so you can be with Shankar bhagwan and never get entangled with good deeds or sins, and destroy all your karma

Further in Mahayoga vigyan, he quotes Mandal Brahmupanishad. He writes

Yagnavalkalya asks Mandal Surya (the word mandal surya is used to alert us that he is taking about the inner most light and not the sun on the outside), “Please tell us about the 5 vyomas , the names and the characteristics in detail

Mandal Surya says the are five.

  1. Akash
  2. Parakash
  3. Mahakash
  4. Suryakash
  5. Parmakash.

Both inside and outside is the dark Akash and both inside and outside is the Parakash which is like the fire of death / time (kalanal). The Mahakash is like lightening, both inside and outside, in that great lightening, the tattvas are there. Outside and within is the ever fulfilling Surya (sun). Lastly, is the parmakash. This light is indescribable, gives everlasting, endless joy. One who experiences this light, merges into it and experiences full satisfaction, (without have further quetions. This is what Yajurveda says.

This concludes the translation from Hindi. It will really not make any sense. This is to be experienced. If you dont understand it, that is ok. Find someone who can give an experience to you. It is that simple. If you have to exert your intellect to understand, you will never get there. These states are meant for those who have conquered the mind and intellect and emotions

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