Yoga – the easy complex road

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Yoga is now a catch all phrase

There are words people use – meditation, I do yoga, and then in desperation and to show they are superior they add words like Raj yoga , karma yog, vyoma yoga, shakti yoga, Bhakti yoga, etc

An unsuspecting victim could get attracted to the phrase And believe they have found the true way to salvation. And also people include words like shakti, shakti pat, , awakening of shakti. Now they have the perfect trap.

I offer nothing like that. So you are better off not reading my blog. Yoga is very simple. But only for those of pure heart, genuine interest. Then you will go within. You will see how God has created this world. The wonderful intricacies. The space within. And within that space are 5 other spaces. So many beautiful sounds. Many miracles.

Far far from this is the grand lover of all. God. This will take decades or longer

Even when you go within, initially you won’t see God hiding there. He is there. Very visible. But he loves a good game of hide And seek. You will feel his presence but his joy is hidden from you. He will hide his powers. He will hide is love. He wants to see if you are willing to give up everything thing for him. Are you able to pass the barrier of space, nothingness, the outward flow trying to wash you away from him?

I have said enough. This should be enough. Don’t get disappointed by the trials of life. They will be there. Use them to demand God appear behind the silence. Go within even more. Force him to speak. He will speak. In music, letters, words. His voice is aum. So wonderful. So overwhelming. But hold on to him. Let him speak. He speaks And you listen. That is prayer. For others , it is a misconceived path of us speaking and he is silent. They think that is prayer. But that is nothing true

When you have Bhakti, you will hear him talk.

When you give all prana and yourself to him, that is karma yoga And you will hear him speak

When this happens to you, that is awakening. That is shakti yog or shakti pat.

Break bread with him! ( this is a very deep pun I have stated).

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