The biggest error(s)

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Well I lied. There are many many big errors we make

  1. Not knowing our divine self. This is the root cause of all our pains. If we knew our divine self we would not be so miserable. Why be a beggar when you are a king?
  2. Not making any effort to discover our divine self
  3. Thinking we can discover our divine self without help
  4. Not recognizing a Guru.

We think a Guru will wear saffron clothes. Almost all those who wear saffron clothes are fakes

A Guru will be famous. It is the exact opposite. A rare Guru becomes famous while in body

They are not householders. In fact many are. The general rule is a householder / person in society ( married or not married) needs a Guru who is in society.

Many people believe they are very wise and enlightened. However if you are wise and enlightened, you will not look up scriptures. All scriptures started from within you. Why read anything? In fact so wonderful use their experience within, when they read the scriptures, instantly the deepest meaning is revealed. Who can compare with an enlightened person?

An enlightened person will accept you as a disciple. Actually no. They look at the inner you. Then if there is sincerity, commitment to meditation even when you say it is impossible too find time and you make time, then they are ready to open all chambers. Without that dedication and commitment even an awakened shakti cannot take you to the highest. That is on you! The tests are subtle. Most people fail it. Can you give up or make 10 min of your time for something incredible? Will you make a slight effort to be with them? A Guru sometimes gets into an incredible spiritual state and so ready to give you all. You don’t know when that will happen. You have to be alert! Thousands of times you will get opportunities and not even one will accept. Sad

So many times did Gurudev and Dineshuncle revealed their high status – but everyone ignored them. Instead of surrendering we remain in our ego. With their grace millions of years of effort can be traversed in a second and we lose that chance

We don’t give the proper respect to such great beings. This displeases Shakti and Shankar Bhagwan.

The whole world lives in a delusional and illusional state. They live in the mental state, imaginary state not realizing the wealth of joy within. Their meditation is also an illusion. They think they have gone within, made progress but still have not even made 1/2 step in the right direction. Such is the power of ego. Ego makes them believe they have made progress, refuse help, believe their wrong concepts are correct, disrespect the truth and so on

So painful to see beautiful treatises by Abhinav Gupta like Vigyana Bhairav translated and then a bogus explanation given! The verses – so beautiful – describing an inner state of awakening. Yet the inner beauty was not grasped and explanation given by many authors ludicrous. Many people follow them. This also is a tremendous error

The road is not easy! But with a right Guru you can travel very quickly

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