November 2022 archive


Link to Original Document One of the prays I was asked about Guna tara neet gaiye thai amara kaam het lavi hasav tu, sada raakh dil salad Bhul Kadi kariye aame, to prabhu karajo maaf It is a vaishnav prayer It says we will praise you , please let our wishes get fulfilled Keep our …

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The issue with progress

Link to Original Document One other big hurdle in progress is consistency. The lack of consistency is many ways Inability to sit daily In ability to sit at a consistent hour Inability to have consistent interest and enthusiasm When either of them wanes, the soul quickly relaxes and gets immersed into Maya Once immersed into …

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A trivial story in my life

Link to Original Document It was the year 1972, sometime in April or May. I was about 10 years old. It was a wonderful spring morning. At that time I was living in India. I was not very happy. I was in that house for 3 years and often wished I was back in USA. …

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