The perfection of Hinduism

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There are multiple stories in Hinduism. Some simple, some of them grotesque and others entertaining. They have drama, stories that go through generations and stories that seem like mythology

However,if only, I really mean, if only, you can learn to meditate, you will fall in love with Hinduism or more accurately Sanatana dharma. For in the incredible journey within, you will suddenly see the wonderous deeper meaning in all of those stories. And you will say,

“Aaah what a fool have I been!. The great saints who wrote the Vedas and scriptures,treated me like a child, gave me wonderful stories, waiting for me to grown up and learn the skill of meditation. All along they were telling me about the wonderous world within this body. They were not stories but a detailed description of going within”

Once you learn to go within, the most significant change you will see, is a sudden love for Shiv and Shankar. Mahayoga vigyan states this as a sign of awakening. But what about those who do not know about Hinduism? They too will suddenly have the love, when they go within!. And why not? All Shakti awakening starts from him. It is his grace. And a Guru, a true Guru, rightfully says, Shivohum.

During Satyug, there was neither Ram or Krishna. During those days, the only temple that existed were those of Shiv, in every village and the Shakti Peetha or Shiv Parvati. It is later that different temples cropped up

On the flip side, Shiv will not accept anyone that has the slightist of slight desire for the world. It just cant be done. In his love, he immediately fulfills our desire, and alas in that process, you leave the eternal abode of peace and joy.

So to get rid of the desire, is the way. That is purity. You just cant simply say, I will get rid of the desire. The mind has to change, Recognize God and his love everywhere. Dance to the inner music. This is what meditation is about. These wonders are sitting within you, but we do not recognize it. Learn these wonderous things from your Guru. He holds the key to opening the door for you.

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