October 2022 archive


Link to Original Document I had a few questions recently. Any books for swarodaya ? Swarodaya This is the knowledge of the movement of prana through different tattva and nostrils. Based on it one can start auspicious things, know the outcome, etc. There used to be books on it. This is sacred knowledge and can …

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The highest bidder

Link to Original Document I have coined this term for human behavior. This is how human beings behave with each other. It is easier to understand when the relation is growing or in relation to job etc. People are very selfish. They put a value in all aspects of their interaction. A girl ( or …

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Knowledge in Sanskrit and Yoga -errors in translation

Link to Original Document Many important stotras in many famous books have been wrongly translated. This includes translations from most scholars too. This is the reason, why I generally dont encourage reading books written by those who have not become accomplished in Yoga (siddha). Jaideva Singh and Laxman Joo are two big names Scholars. They …

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