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I had a few questions recently.

  1. Any books for swarodaya ?

Swarodaya This is the knowledge of the movement of prana through different tattva and nostrils. Based on it one can start auspicious things, know the outcome, etc. There used to be books on it. This is sacred knowledge and can only be learnt at the feet of a Guru. Shankar Bhagwan has forbidden this knowledge books can’t help without an enlightened Guru. If you try to do it without a Guru it can be harmful

  1. Three types of Sadhak

Uttam madhyam or kanistha. Best medium or. Weak.

Weak disciple achieve in 12 years At present there is no one who is even a weak disciple !

How can the people expect a full awakening?

People are generally naive. They do not understand or even know the full potential of a Guru. Thats why they cling to the people who talk. They can only give impression of awakening based on comparison to the physical world or just make up a fantasy story

I am not a Guru. However, my criteria for who is qualified to be a Guru is quite rigid and unyielding

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