September 2022 archive

An elusive endpoint

Link to Original Document EVERYONE will go through life with some things simply unfulfilled. It will be quite a long list. The unfulfilled list is the cause of the next birth. Simple. Yogananda gave an example like this. I dont have the exact example. Lets say you have a life with a good spouse, decent …

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Top 10 lines that helped me

Link to Original Document Now everything in the scriptures are helpful and important However there are some statements that helped me immensely. Here they are – but not in any specific order The experience that you gain from even a few seconds of super consciousness is enough to help you for long lasting changes. I …

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Hurdles in Yoga

Link to Original Document Even when you have a Guru, after a while your progress will stop. The soul is unable to carry the burden. It gets broken down. Looses faith. This is to be expected on the journey. Maya and Karma collectively will deter the progress till the breaking point is reached. However, this …

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