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People nowadays call it vairagya. It is a word that came from viragi. Meaning vi means without and raag meaning attachment or not covering this world.

Once this is established in cement – God or liberation is written in stone. Nothing can shake it.

However, in the long journey of the soul – this waxes and wanes There are two other types that are temporary or transient

  1. Smashan vairagya. This is fleeting when someone goes to the smashan – cemetery and comes home feeling sad, oh the fleeting nature of the world, I should find the truth, I only want God. This last for a short time. Very close to depression
  2. Depression related. There are many things the soul covets. But does not get. The soul May not get it for many many births. Why? Karma, or so ordained. During these times, like Yogananda said – grapes are sour – type of vairagya arises. This is depression.

In both cases, the times are very difficult for the soul. The great souls feel our pain. But without these situations, the soul will not develop permanent vairagya.

Fear not oh valiant soul. Use it. Be introspective. Don’t get upset you don’t have things. Be upset that a part of your soul still craves things, is attached to maya, deceived by maya or Satan, and now mercilessly thrown back into this fire cauldron. Get rid of the attachment to things in the soul. Just say , enough. I refuse to be deceived by thisthis world and Will not crave. ENOUGH. ENOUGH. Maya dangles a carrot. You will never reach it. Temporarily maybe but recedes just s as quickly!

And in in this tapa ( it is tapa or pain) the soul gets purified! Ready to merge with God. It suddenly learns, oh the outward flow through indriya will never satisfy. Knowing this, the Prana no longer goes out Turns within!

Aah ! The joy. Finally the beginning of the end. The soul is ready to learn and accept he is the divine And the soul laughs. A divine joy! Peace

I see many people. Few will turn within. There is a bhajan by Girakhnath

Ek bhulyo, bijo bhulyo, bhulyo Sab sansara , ek na bhulyo matsyendra no chelo

Ek ભૂલ્યો બીજો ભૂલ્યો ભૂલ્યો સબ સંસાર

Ek ના ભૂલ્યો મત્સ્ય ઇન્દ્ર નો ચેલો ગોરખ ના ભૂલ્યો

Meaning- one forgot, second forgot, the world forgot, but not Maysyendra disciple Gorakhnath

Mohangiri Maharaj said the same

What did everyone forget? Many things

  1. The purpose of birth – finding God
  2. They forgot the way
  3. They forgot to pay attention to the breath 21,600

Sombargiri chelo did not forget either!

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