People remain asleep

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When ever I see people, I often see them asleep. What I mean is that in all their activities, not once are they aware of the divine spark in them. That divine spark is such a wonderful thing. It is alive. It is real

I know of someone – whenever asked how are you , his answer was I am alive

Should he be pitied?

So not being aware of the divine spark – is being asleep. The Bible went further. Let the dead bury the dead. They called those people dead or spiritually dead.

Now, I can explain Tamas. Tamas is one of the gunas. It is an direct extension of the darkening power of Maya. So under the influence of Tamas, people don’t want to make any effort to be aware of the divine spark! They are very content walking around, comfortable in their ignorance. Or instead of a direct experience of the spark, they want to intellectually imagine the spark, make a theory out of it and believe that knowing the theory is being alive! Isn’t that amazing? This is what Jagadgury Shankaracharya said – go for the Aporkshaanubhuti. Real experience not the theory

Now once Tamas has settled, what people do is go about chasing pleasure in the world. In many different ways. This is Rajas.

And after eons and seemingly endless time, a wise person will say I want to wake up. He no longer wants to read or is satisfied with theory. He seeks a Guru. This is now Sattva.

Now a Guru is someone who can just simply awake the divine spark in you. That’s it. Nothing more is needed. Yes since this is a new road for you, you will need the guidance of the Guru every step of the way. It is after this Kriya yoga starts. And after this meditation starts. After this, bhajan kirtan starts. And so on. Where is the theory needed?

A smart disciple asks questions, after this step in awakening what happens next? How do I refine my technique? From time to time they have experiences, like body becoming warm, losing body consciousness, seeing lights or hearing Aum etc

Now there are quite a few people, who so much want to believe they have shakti awakened, their own ego and mind in combination will give them “an experience “. It will be real for them. But in essence nothing more than a hallucination of sort. Once again, using the wisdom in spiritual books a wise person will stray away from these experience’s and realize this is a trap from ego and maya, seek the real thing and a real Guru

But all I see is people prefer to remain asleep. And divine mother, let’s her baby sleep. Ever so often she gives a nudge, but the baby says let me sleep a little more!

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