What happens in Samadhi?

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Everyone has a different concept of samadhi. They will say

  • Deep meditation
  • Merge in God
  • Seeing God / talking with God
  • Some will display their information by using terms like savikalpa samadhi, savitarka samadhi, suvichar samadhi, Sananda Samadhi, sasmita samadhi, asampragnata samadhi, nirvikalpa samadhi, dharma Megha samadhi, Sahaj samadhi etc

Fine ! I am impressed ! Big time impressed ! These words can be found on the internet, some may quote patanjali to prove their authenticity – but it is just a word with a definition

Yet there is no real description. A definition is not a sign of experience

There was a person I met and when asked about samadhi , or different types , he could describe it in a lot more detail. That’s how you know authenticity! It is difficult to talk more about it without revealing secrets

However, a person with true experience can give more details. A lot more details. Such as which Prana is active, where did it ascend, what manifestation of Aum is, what aspect of the mind is active, etc Patanjali gave a description and terminology based on a detailed experience. If you look at Vibhuti paad, he describes 5 sub steps on the way , at many different levels.

Anyway this is my understanding. I could be very wrong. However thankfully we have Google and you can Google it !! And there are multiple scholars and Gurus out there

I thankfully remain in my small little cave, not caring to read anyone , including Patanjali So I Am not qualified to talk about these things

I end with a poem!

A tiny cave many shadows it casts

Many lost with shadows so bold

A bold shadow walked in the cave

The shadow gone, only light there

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