What is the lesson so difficult to learn?

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Q. What is the most difficult lesson to learn ?

A. The world / maya / Satan Is not your friend! Learn this lesson quickly. I use the world and Satan as synonym like Vivekananda said, every happiness comes wearing a crown of pain! How I wish I could teach this to the world. Alas, no one listens. Everyone thinks they are the one exception where they will always be happy. Billions have come and gone, none has been happy.

Again and again, everyone takes a shot of being happy! And maya seduces you with promises of happiness. In the job. In family. In wealth. In travel! But the happiness is fleeting! Fleeting! By the time you grasp it , the fog of happiness cannot be grabbed

Eventually , the betrayal of maya will catch up. You will become wiser. And say, no more. I refuse to believe in the happiness maya promises. It is a lie. A lie.

Why wait for the betrayal of maya before you turn to God. Just simply turn to God and say to Mr happiness, I know that you have come with Unwelcome guests too. I will keep my balance

And when misery knocks, I will keep my heart on God and you will have no reason to stay

So the answer is – learn that keep your heart on the abode of God and the world with all its glitter is temporary and Is not your friend

Sitting at a function I see people forgetting this eternal fact !

Please, please learn this.

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