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People remain asleep

Link to Original Document When ever I see people, I often see them asleep. What I mean is that in all their activities, not once are they aware of the divine spark in them. That divine spark is such a wonderful thing. It is alive. It is real I know of someone – whenever asked …

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What happens in Samadhi?

Link to Original Document Everyone has a different concept of samadhi. They will say Deep meditation Merge in God Seeing God / talking with God Some will display their information by using terms like savikalpa samadhi, savitarka samadhi, suvichar samadhi, Sananda Samadhi, sasmita samadhi, asampragnata samadhi, nirvikalpa samadhi, dharma Megha samadhi, Sahaj samadhi etc Fine …

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What is the lesson so difficult to learn?

Link to Original Document Q. What is the most difficult lesson to learn ? A. The world / maya / Satan Is not your friend! Learn this lesson quickly. I use the world and Satan as synonym like Vivekananda said, every happiness comes wearing a crown of pain! How I wish I could teach this …

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