August 2022 archive

Practical Yoga

Link to Original Document Yoga is a perfect science. But it is not theory. There is no theory in it. Since it is all practical, everyone who breathes has a right to it You don’t even need to understand it But But Since it is all practical you must do It and experience it! Reading …

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Outward or inward?

Link to Original Document Here is a little analysis you can do! Examine your thoughts Do you think of the world more often? Do you think of events in the world? Do you think of people Do you think of events that happened to you Do you think of future things you want to do …

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Tips about mediation

Link to Original Document Don’t look for siddhi. It will come on its own God is everywhere. We just have not learnt to find him everywhere. Our compass is on maya not on God Merely thinking God is everywhere Is not enough. Once you capture peace , progress is faster Prana when it leaves the …

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