Deep roots

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Yogananda somewhere said it takes 100,000 birth ( or a million? ) for liberation. These births should be consecutive progress. What did he mean by it ?

Let’s say someone has tendency for getting angry. That fault has to be corrected before liberation. It would take a 100,000 births to get rid of it provided he makes progress in that direction every birth. But what happens is that there will be births a soul may get angry at the drop of a hat but there are no negative repercussions because the person is a king or a ruler or in a position of power. This creates and reinforces the negative tendency and one has to start again !

The same thing for greed for money. And other faults

What is happening? What is happening is that the natural tendencies for greed or anger are buried so deep, in regions of the mind, we are only aware of them when it comes to the surface. Until then they remain dormant. So it takes 100,000 of constant work, where nature and circumstances allow these deep seeds to come up so we can destroy anger from its root. The anger that we have when we see injustice

The anger in not getting wishes fulfilled

The anger and depression when life beats us down

So the soul will only realize it has seeds of anger when it goes through those circumstances. That’s why it takes that many births

Vivekananda said the same thing about seeds deep within us. A small bubble deep in a lake. We are only aware when it comes to the c surface

Now this is where Yoga comes in place. A yogi by going deep in mediation, is able to make a deep dive in the lake, find those seeds or bubble and destroy it. That’s why Yogananda called it the airplane way to perfection. It can be done in a short time. In a few years or decades!

But there is a special technique to the deep dive. One has to slowly learn it from a Guru. You need the special equipment for the deep dive. Discerning eyes – that is called Vivek. A strong desire to destroy the shackles. All these things require the grace of shakti. A Guru helps and awakens Shakti ! Those seeds which have to be destroyed are present in the gross body, subtle body, causal body and even deeper – maha karana body.

So this is a subtle trick – to know who is a Guru, ask him what these bodies are ! You won’t find much description of those bodies – especially causal body in many places. But before you can destroy the seeds , a full awareness and knowledge and experience of all those bodies are needed. Daily. Unbroken experience. Then you will discover the seeds.

So there now you know the direction to go. Yet the first step is yet to be taken

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