A game of possibilities

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Liberation is a game of possibilities. Many people will try. Some sincerely. Some half heartedly.

Once you have a true Guru liberation is certain

The when is undecided It could be the very moment you meet the Guru. Such people are extremely rare. But it does happen. Mansion was one such person.

Some take several births

Some may miss the boat and May take Yugas ( tens of thousands of years)

But there is a point – if you are sufficiently pure – it will happen very soon. Nothing can stop it. Our goal is to reach that level. Then it is only a matter of time. And constant effort

Three things are needed – surrender, patience And continuous effort without break. This is what Shivohum Tirthji was told by Vishnutirthj in Sadhan shikhar book – the chapter of Chand Birdai

So it is game of possibilities. Like Lahiri Mahasaya said “banat, banat, ban jaye “ about to happen ( liberation) , about to happen and thank it just happens. The effort is ours. The effort is that of purity Not a shred of impurity deep with us

There are many impurities. Besides , agyan , or ignorance, there is the ego. After that desires occur

This ego is something strange – your own ego, is present everywhere in this world ! Strange isn’t it? We find fault with others but that is not the case. It is a fault if our own ego. This ego is something that happened before we got the body. So you have to go deep deep deep within mediation, forget your own body, forget your subtle or dream body, then you will get closer to recognizing your ego

Seldom does a disciple reach that level. Such people are very very advanced Like mother said, the difference between a stone and a human is minuscule but the difference between a human and a person who has gone to those levels , or beyond is extremely high V

All that I write is true. But under the influence of maya, it eludes people. People seek a Guru – that confirms their misconception!!!!! How can they ever get liberation? The goal is to get out of your misconceptions. You like a person or Guru based on your concepts. You may think a Guru should be a sanyasi or believe a Guru should wear saffron clothes or a Guru will act exactly like your concept of niceness etc. However this Is not true! How can clothes or marital status be the determining factor of knowing your higher self? Since they act through divine guidance, something beyond human logic, they can act erratic based on human definition.

They are so intoxicated in divine love they may walk fearlessly with wild animals, run away from human and stay in wilderness. Or intoxicated they May not eat for months or years – seeing the divine love of God in everything! Shakti does not permit most people to stay in that state too long. We simply cannot understand them. That is what happened to Mirabai! No one could understand her divine intoxication! She left the palace, wandered around Mewad , reached Dwarka and dissolved her body in Krishna temple in the idol of krishna. There have been many others.

Thus, it is a game of possibilities. But purity is a must. As long as your actions are determined on what others think , you have forgotten the divine. Some may imitate Mirabai or krishna but the state of divinity Is not a xerox copy ! It is an inner state that is to be reached – not outer actions!

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