Tips about mediation

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Don’t look for siddhi. It will come on its own

God is everywhere. We just have not learnt to find him everywhere. Our compass is on maya not on God

Merely thinking God is everywhere Is not enough.

Once you capture peace , progress is faster

Prana when it leaves the senses is beginning of purity.

Progress occurs in a vertical spiral. It may seem you have moved back a few steps but in reality it is an opportunity to uncover your flaws

Progress is both upward and inward

Inward progress is through sushumna, chitra, vajra, brahmanadi

The primary reason for the fall is anandmaya kosha. Once you go within what the mind perceived as fun becomes pain and an illusion

Never be discouraged. If your interest is genuine a Guru will appear

The inward layers can also be – prithvi, prakriti, maya And shakti

A liberated person does feel bodily pain too It is only in samadhi, is it gone.

When body awareness is gone that doe’s not mean you got liberated. A person undergoing surgery has no body awareness. Or in deep sleep. Samadhi is very different.

Samadhi is precious and rare.

The threes – 3 gunas, three bodies, three times , three a AVastha jagrat, swapna, sushupti, three levels of awakening

Aum is the way to liberation. It is to be heard and heard alone

5 steps to going inward – shanti atita, shanti, vidya, nivritti , pratistha

A living Guru is greater than all books.

To have human body again in next birth is very rare. Most people don’t get one. Why? All they have wanted in life is food, sex and desire to feel good. A human body is not needed for that A pig has an orgasm for 30 min. Maybe that is a better body for them

The ability to give up thoughts gives peace

True Guru are rare Swans fly alone. Geese in flocks. True Guru are usually alone with hardly any disciples

Vivekananda had many followers. Only 2 or 3 disciples

There is something unique a Guru has with a disciple. Only he would know how to create that bond

Shakti , once she takes interest in you liberation is a certainty

Fastest way to progress is going through hardships. Repeatedly. A person who has happiness Will not Be able to meditate or go within. He may think he meditates though

Hardship is your best friend and teacher

Be humble. Ego created this royal mess

Ego created the body. It exists after the body is gone And exists before the body

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