Outward or inward?

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Here is a little analysis you can do! Examine your thoughts

Do you think of the world more often?

Do you think of events in the world?

Do you think of people

Do you think of events that happened to you

Do you think of future things you want to do or have to do

Do you think of food , and other pleasures

If you see that most of your thoughts are v in these categories your mind is very active in the outward direction

What if you are thinking of Goo ? Again that is still outward because you are thinking of a concept of God you have created

Now what if you are thinking of a liberated person like Raman Maharishi? Or Neem Karoli baba? Or Ramkrishna?

In this case it depends on your depth of thinking of them And your love and respect. This can now be simultaneously inward and outward. How can it be inward? Easy. Such great persons are a representation of the divine within you!

But the highest is to be in touch with the divine shakti within you. This shakti, when awakened, us living, easily you can be in touch with her at all times with All activities you do. This would be the beginning of going inward

Now above this there are a few more stages. Some other time, maybe

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