Difficult to understand Rumi

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Many have written about Rumi. I was shocked that even the way Rumi talked with his Guru Sham has been misunderstood

But where is the surprise? The world thinks with sexuality, desire, ego – what can they know about God?

Here is a line from Rumi

The way you make love is the way God will be with you.

This is a deep poem describing a state of samadhi. Just as the salt idol is immersed in the ocean – about to dissolve – that state is what Rumi describes as love ! Where both lover and loved become one

In this state , ego is gone , the soul has concluded its journey and become one with God. No longer is that person subject to the pain and anguish of the world, no longer seeking anything in this world, so content staying in samadhi, the highest of high, and higher than the highest!

Now just as this happens, if you think I hate the world, everything around you and people will dislike you! If you say what will happen to the world, you will be pounded by mysteries of the world unraveling one after the other

Thus – merge in God wishing happiness to all. However the Buddhist way of metta Is not the same. This is something that is like the last wish that God grants before you go in samadhi! And part for ever.

Very few ever reach that state

Here is another Rumi My interpretation is in brackets and bold

Listen to the poet Sanai,

who lived secluded: “Don’t wander out on the road

in your ecstasy ( the joy of samadhi). Sleep in the tavern.” ( tavern is kutastha)

When a drunk strays out to the street,

children make fun of him.

He falls down in the mud. ( He is misunderstood)

He takes any and every road. (Everything he does is ok with God)

The children follow, ( those without experience of kutastha are children)

not knowing the taste of wine, or how

his drunkenness feels. ( not knowing what samadhi is ) All people on the planet

are children, except for a very few.( Very few have experienced Samadhi )

No one is grown up except those free of desire.

God said,

“The world is a play, a children’s game,

and you are the children.”

God speaks the truth.

If you haven’t left the child’s play, ( Childs play enjoying the world lost in sex, ego, sensual pleasures of eating etc)

how can you be an adult?

Without purity of spirit,

if you’re still in the middle of lust and greed

and other wantings, you’re like children

playing at sexual intercourse. ( merging in God, going in to samadhi, being in kutastha is sexual intercourse)

They wrestle

and rub together, but it’s not sex! ( not Samadhi)

Hope this helps

Again and again I repeat my theme, enlightened are very few! Seek one who has been there!

However I believe this was written for a divine person bereft of desire, Able to go into samadhi at will, has experienced kutastha, – for only they can understand. Not ordinary people like me

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