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Today is Janmashtmi!

People celebrate the birth of Krishna.

It is called Janma meaning birth and Ashtami is 8th.

This is a very specific yoga experience

However, some refer to the seven other siblings krishna had who were killed by Kansa

There is a story in Yoga Vasistha ! A man is lamenting his story. He said I have been cursed with a very long life. I have seen many earths and planets destroyed. So many kingdoms etc come into power and gone. I can’t even tell you my age! For time is measured by sun and universes. I have seen universes come and destroyed. Many of them so much so that I can’t even count them. I cried oh what a horrible existence. Is there all there is ? What is the point ? During one of those times when everything was gone, the universe no longer existed , I searched for meaning and suddenly I saw a tree. And on that tree there was a leaf. And on that leaf I saw a baby. And that baby was laughing! The baby was holding his foot in his hand and pulled the toe to his mouth !

The Sanskrit shloka is

करारविन्देन पदारविन्दं

मुखारविन्दे विनिवेशयन्तम् ।

वटस्य पत्रस्य पुटे शयानं

बालं मुकुन्दं मनसा स्मरामि ॥१॥

Kara-Aravindena Pada-Aravindam

Mukha-Aravinde Vi-Niveshay-Antam |

Vattasya Patrasya Putte Shayaanam

Baalam Mukundam Manasaa Smaraami ||1|

This is the balam mukund – the baby krishna I think of !

Of course the tree is none other than the sushumna and that is where you will experience Krishna on one of the leaves!

But there is more to it!

Another picture of Krishna is him with a pot next to him, and he is enjoying maakhan ( a special kind of purified butter made from milk )

He is so smiling and happy!

The pot is the body. Churning is the process to make makhan. Churning is meditation, the trick those who know me know of, and when successful you enjoy maakhan !

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