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If one carefully observes any relation, you will see something. To me it is disgusting. It is based on selfish needs

Let’s start with colleagues – this should be obvious. We are nice to our superiors than those under us. We want to be nice so we have less hassles. Maybe benefits from this relation.

What about friends? Friendship is based on having a good time. If one of them moves away, the intensity of relation is less. If one friend is a taker, we move away from that person. If it was just because the person was a friend we don’t have the business concept of taker!

What about siblings ? Not all sibling relations are equal. If one person does less, we get angry or upset. Even a simple thing like did not call me back. Here the business dealing is of perceived emotional need! Be like Saint Francis and boldly say, I don’t want any comfort from anyone but let me comfort others ! Those are the qualities of a person going towards perfection

The love between spouses – surely that is genuine! Well think about it ! Nowadays relations form from dating. Here both sides are evaluating, financial situation, or is the person caring enough for me, etc And this is not bad at all. But let’s say you love a person. And then person that person either, does not share responsibility, that love will turn into anger And frustration

So the bottom line is the love is based on the persons action!

This is where the love of a Guru is based on the person. That’s about it ! No matter what the actions were, if that person wants to become divine, the Guru will do everything to reach that Goal. Many sinners with a huge negative karmic debt became perfect in one birth Jesal-toral, tarsus, bilwamangal etc. A Guru has karuna. There is no translation for that word. It is a combination of love, caring And sadness that we are lost in this world ! Why should we be a beggar when you are the divine prince! Work on it! Crave that rightful title. Don’t beg for paltry things in this world. If only you knew your true self!

This is the core of the message ! When you know this divine self, the world has many flaws. Those flaws become apparent. Like Yogendra Vigyani said , you won’t like the people of the world!

A few divine people stay in the world – to be a pillar of light to guide a few! Vivekanda was forced to go out and give lectures. Be a Guru to 4-5 people. That’s all. It was not his choice. He was forced to.

Ramtirth was forced to leave India by a trick played on him by Shakti ! Even Ramkrishna would go up and scream at the top of his voice, complaining to Shakti, you promised me genuine disciple and no one is here! He had to wait 10 years for Narendra( Vivekananda) , Nag Bahadur Mahasaya etc but just a few

So before we jump to conclusions that I deserve a Guru, the qualities needed are formidable. But foremost quality is a genuine desire for freedom / mukti- and not even an iota of thought of being a Guru or helping others. It is a personal journey. How can you carry the back pack of 5 other people when you can’t even carry your own backpack ( karma ). Many a person has broken down from their karma. In tears, why me? I am a good person. If you can’t lift your own karma give up on the idea of being a Guru. Why take the sin of being a Ku Guru ( false Guru). The penalty for that crime is extremely stiff

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