How you can recognize a Ku Guru

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Ku Guru means false or fake Guru

How do I recognize him?

The world is full of them – doe’s not take much to spot them

  1. Has amassed a huge wealth
  2. Has a huge following. A true Guru may have a 4-5 true disciples, a few followers / Bhakta. Neem Karoli Baba has only one disciple rest were just followers. This is my understanding
  3. A departed Guru cannot be your Guru unless he awakened your shakti when he was present
  4. An awakened shakti is beyond this realm. If someone only talks about this realm , he is a beggar not a Guru
  5. Faith is beyond logic. If you use logic to have faith, you have not found your Guru. Moreover, a Guru who only uses logic cannot be a true Guru. There are realms you simply know
  6. A fake Guru builds up a wall around him and Is not easily accessible. How can a divine person, be partial, meet only a few? God is equally accessible to all.
  7. They charge money! Lots of money. Did Jesus or Ram or Krishna charge money? Ram and Krishna being kings were not easily seen. But at night time they left the palace and visited those who truly wanted spiritual guidance
  8. They are on news media. Spiritual wealth is kept hidden. Don’t cast pearls to swines!
  9. They lack spiritual insight into complex Sanskrit shlokas. For example Shankaracharya said I Am not the ears ! Everyone knows that. What did he mean?
  10. They Ku Gurus form organizations. What organization did Krishna form?
  11. A true Guru emphasis on mediation. Not comfort. Not food. A KuGuru will lure you with luxury

Now I could be wrong. I Am not a scholar or expert in these matters. So better not to believe me and find someone else to read!

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