The game of unfairness

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Life will seem unfair to you. Always. At many levels. A few people with keen insight will recognize there were times when life was very nice to you – even without merit

Remember this and grieve not. Some days the dice rolls in your favor and other days against you.

Some instances ( of good and bad)

  1. Birth in a rich family
  2. Birth in a spiritual family
  3. Birth in a poor family
  4. Having physical illness or impairment
  5. Having a gifted body to be Olympic champion
  6. Doing well in a competitive exam ( 80 % ) effort but there is a randomness there – you could have bad cold on that day, or the exam focused on only things you felt uncomfortable, someone in family is sick or distracting etc
  7. Immigrating to a country – many people vie for it, few succeed
  8. Your spouse – was here or she exactly what you expected?
  9. Children – did you really have much control over them? Upbringing matters a lot but Is not everything. The best time to nurture baby is during pregnancy. Constant thought of God, remaining calm during adverse circumstances , listening to spiritual things help a lot
  10. What about a child born with autism and now there is a significant burden. I know of a free family autistic children. Their past life karmic debt brought on this situation but who can tell
  11. Getting a promotion. Sometimes you get bypasses and a weaker candidate does well
  12. Often times terrible physicians do well financially and the good physicians do poorly

This list can be exhaustive. I have only cited a few small examples

My advice

Me prepared for these things to happen. Don’t lament. It is part of life

Does that mean you don’t make effort. Now at all. It just means the random law of luck in your favor has not happened. This randomness of luck against you can last many many births. For some, they don’t know it , lasted 100 of births.

So what is the solution?

  1. This will change. Eventually
  2. Keep doing good karma. Even to your enemies
  3. Think positive. Even when the world is collapsing on you
  4. Don’t ever think bad thoughts or harm on anyone
  5. Remember there was something in your past that brought on this unfairness against you.
  6. I was visiting a few castles here. The lords and the kings built those castles on blood money. Slavery and extortion. Possibly. I am not a history buff. But such karmic debt has to be paid back individually to everyone who worked hard for you ! Isn’t that awful?
  7. Look at the money people made in the oil industry. The consequence of global warming , if true, is devastating to animals, fishes and humans. Who owns that karmic debt?

These events against you are not random. It is a gentle night or a strong push – wake up from this ocean of misery and delusion! Wake up! It Is not worth the pain. Anchor yourself firmly in God.

If only you can learn the right technique of meditation, you can ease the pain of life to some degree! Don’t wait for bad karma to visit You and then try. It will be too late. Books can’t teach you. A true Guru can. Now on the way, the method is slightly different for each individual. A living Guru is must. Pay full attention to what they say. Even if it is very difficult. Make God your priority. The other thing is the Guru wakes you your shakti. Depending on how much effort you make , the awakening can be higher. There are at least 9 levels, in reality much more.

Yet I find it amazing, no one makes the effort to learn this. They would rather enjoy the world and then suffer the pain later, rather than learn the method while giving up an hour of their time in learning meditation technique that effectively decrease karmic debt

When I was younger, in medical college, I gave up all effort to read but focused on meditation. Hours upon hours. I did not care. But the gift I got was incredible memory in those days. I could retain very quickly.

In conclusion

Don’t fear adverse times

Expect adversity in life routinely


Learn to perfect your technique meditation. It will take decades.

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