Hurdles in Yoga

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Even when you have a Guru, after a while your progress will stop. The soul is unable to carry the burden. It gets broken down. Looses faith. This is to be expected on the journey. Maya and Karma collectively will deter the progress till the breaking point is reached. However, this is not because of Yoga but it is because of our own karma and many aspects of our Ego that has to be broken. Every soul has to go through this. This will happen even if you dont follow Yoga. The advantage of Yoga are as follows

  1. Shortens journey
  2. Shortens burden of karma 80-90%
  3. You Guru will pick up your Karma and get rid of unseen problems even before they arise.
  4. The path itself will become a delightful journey.
  5. There will be increasing evidence of a world that you cannot see. D
  6. Daily, your faith will continue to increase.

So having said this, what are the hurdles that halt the progress

  1. Practicing it daily. This is a must. Rain or Shine. No matter what the work load is, you must do it. I remember I would sit for 2 hours daily even during internship when I often worked 36 hours without sleep, working. You must show you mean business to Shakti and your Guru.
  2. No effort is wasted. Lahiri Mahasaya was meditating as a child in the sands near the river. Babaji was aware, silently waited till the time was ripe. And then awakened him. Pursue this boldly, even if you dont have an iota of experience
  3. To elaborate on these points

a. Your mind will make excuses. You will believe them. Excuses like – the miracle was coincidence. It Is not for me. I don’t believe in Yoga anymore. What if my Guru is not real. This path is too far fetched.

b. What if I am caught in a cult? I want more proof. But God Is not you court jester dancing to your demands.

C. I don’t have any experience. The path may be true, but I Am not worthy.

D. I read all these wonderful things that are described. None of it happens to me. This path is wrong.

  1. There are common emotional conflicts a disciple will face. Don’t cave into them. This is why many of Gurudev disciples wavered from the path. Gurudev wanted Faith first then gave higher proof.
  2. Similarly Faith in Neem Karoli Baba, Shirdi Baba , will waver. This happens because the mind has the constant habit of demanding More and more. It is never satisfied. The goal is to want less.
  3. It is to keep this up, you need a very advanced disciple to support you, carry you over these negative thoughts
  4. I will not be here in physical form for ever. But Good willing I will try to guide only those who are very sincere Half hearted attempts May not grab my attention
  5. The experiences are often but understood.
  6. So called dreams are not understood
  7. You will need to ask an advanced disciple or Guru
  8. There are 5 phases of awakening, shanti atita , shanti, vidya, pratistha and nivritti
  9. Each phase takes about 5-10 years
  10. Progress is carried over in next birth
  11. The progress made has to be reclaimed in next birth – it happens at right time

Once again my blog is rather incomplete. I get tired of using words or typing or talking.

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