Karmayogi – an ill interpretation

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So everywhere is go – everyone claims to be a karmayogi ! Especially a politician! How convenient And comfortable

You pretend to be krishna or Arjuna , say krishna is doing everything, you are in the right side And everyone else is duryodhana And you do the right thing by slaying others. It is your moral duty to slay others!

I hope you get my sarcasm. What nonsense! You are online deceiving yourself. Honestly if you need to read this blog you are more like Duryodhana ( the bad guy). This is your opportunity to stop reading and go about in a smug conceited way.

How do I know this? Often times I have run through, examined my thoughts And realized Duryodhana was nicer than me ! Duryodhana is the mind. Duh meaning difficult yoddhana is weapon or mind. The mind is very difficult to conquer! So much anger, depression, frustration, anxiety, jealousy, ego, conceit, greed, dissatisfaction , laziness etc. the number 100 kauravas comes from 10 major flaws of the mind with 10 subdivisions each

If there is any enemy to be defeated it is that enemy. In that war, you have to be a karma yogi. Fight it relentlessly. Fighting those elements is your dharma or religious rights. Don’t worry if you are not successful

Now of course there is a deeper meaning. That is for those who know dhayana ( mediation is not dhayana ). I will tell it about it some other time

Now a true karma yogi is very rare. It starts only after you can go into samadhi at will. Vivekananda said he would crawl on his hand’s and feet to find a karma yogi ! ! That is how rare or difficult it is.

There were perfected saints then ! Right now it is rare! One perfected person was Dinesh uncle. His life was like Ram. But no one knew it! Even at the ripe age of 18, his body floated during meditation. He never confirmed it. Never told anyone. I found out accidentally. Who knows how much of it is true. But examining his life, he had the perfect meditation And work balance

So back to a karma yogi. Babaji says true karma is reversing the flow of Prana from the body to super consciousness or Samadhi. Meaning when you sit in mediation, the Prana in body should relax. There should be a sense of pleasing numbness in the body as the Prana reverses its flow. Of course there is more. I only say these things so no one gets stagnant in a wrong ill conceived notion or worse get trapped by the so called Gurus who are nothing more than thugs or motivational speakers posing as Gurus

I hope this makes it superficially clear who a karma Yogi is ! However the association with such a karma yogi , even for a few minutes saves many lives of misery. Seek one

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