The highest bidder

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I have coined this term for human behavior. This is how human beings behave with each other. It is easier to understand when the relation is growing or in relation to job etc.

People are very selfish. They put a value in all aspects of their interaction. A girl ( or boy ) will date someone who gives the most back in the relation. The diversity occurs in what they value the most

  1. Some may value how much respect And attention they get.
  2. Some may value financial future
  3. Some may value going out And/ or having a good time
  4. Some may value what others will think of then if they pick someone
  5. Some are attracted to intelligence
  6. Some may value only appearance ( so they have a show piece amongst friends)

Just think about it – every relation we value based on what we get from them. It could be just getting an approval or money or prestige or A ladder

Now there is rate soul who knows their own inner self When they contact And connect with inner self – they exude love And caring. Their mere presence takes away some life problems. Such people don’t want anything from you. Neither a meal or a smile. They have seen and know the selfishness of humans. They prefer to be within. And in that beautiful connection within, they can only love and help others.

But the other person , can only see how can they utilize such a divine person for their own gain. One gives love the other selfishness within. Such divine people have no friends but are friends to everyone.

So next time, evaluate your self. Learn how you are selfish. Try to correct it. Connect with your own divine self. That is the only way to correct yourself. Only way to rid this outward persona

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