Achievement in life

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I have been reading a lot of a applauses in the news. Nobel price winners. Hollywood actors. Bollywood actors

Recently a lot of people were applauding Amitabh Bachan. He turned 80. Very nice And humble ! No doubt

But at 80 – how much time does he have left? He has a fortune. Has a great reputation. He is respected. But at the last moment, the messengers of Yama ( the lord of death ) will visit him. And they will ask, fine And dandy. But you were sent to discover your divine self Did you do anything for it? What will he say? Read books ? I visited a few people who talked the talk but gave no experience?

Most people will die, without making one step trying to figure out their divine self! Most will go backwards?

What do I mean backwards? If you spend all your life thinking of food, why not be a cow and graze all day? Is a human body needed? Do you see my point. We get a body appropriate to what our desires. Nothing wise. Also our bad karma will prevent us from getting a human body. Like Mirdad said, “ eating meat means at some point you will be food too “

So simple!

Be wise of your action. Don’t waste your life do that right thing. Find something that is enjoyable ! Your divine self. This is what the Upanishads say !

All this is a royal mess. First a soul comes to earth. Starts enjoying things here. Forgets its divine abode. Then when it remembers he or she has to go back they don’t know the way back the soul asks around to find the way back. The soul asks other blind people. So they are stuck for a long time. That read Vedas and Upanishads don’t understand it! Make up stories of what it means. Such a circus. On top of this they love the stink ! ( desires).

So liberation Is not so easy. Many blogs have I written – how to find an exit! How to find a Guru ! Yet no one is interested. They are all content with their ignorance And ignorant way. There is so much ego. Vivekananda awakened the shakti of half a million people. Only 5 became his disciples, rest rejected him. Reading the teachings Is not the same as becoming a disciple. Becoming a disciple means much more There’s is a living power. That living power has to be given. And accepted. Written Words have no role at that point. Yes a speech heard by the Guru has much power though

Such people are rare. Hardly 4-5 people at present maybe. Amongst them maybe one is awake

So the journey of the soul became very long. So even with all the money and fame and power, – such people are spiritually poor which wealth do you want ? Spiritual or financial ? Wealth that disappears when you die or follows you when you die? Rare is the soul who finds a Guru and ascends the golden royal path

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