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We eat wonderful things about Yog. We get attracted to it. We want the wonderful things that come with it. We want to be like Yogananda or Vivekananda or Lahiri Mahasaya or Gorakhnarh

And it is very easy to imagine we are like them. Thousands of blogs are out there with such fake information.

But a very few people are sincerely interested. My blog is only for a few. I don’t really want anyone reading it. So for them what can I say?

  1. First you have to be pure. Pure meaning not desiring much in this world. Also having endurance. If someone says something don’t get upset. The world is not there to nourish your ego. If you want to benefit from me, drop your ego. What ever I say, even though it sounds harsh, it is for your benefit. I am here to help you go within not to nourish your ego. Also remember you have no birthright – to get angry or upset with uncomfortable or bad situations. Vivekananda said this – no right for indignant anger. The rule is if you don’t get angry your situation changes. Improves But don’t suppress anger wanting the situation to improve
  2. Then if you really want to get liberated, you will attract the attention of a liberated Guru Be Ready for difficult times. They are difficult because of our desires and ego and anger , need for justification or why me etc
  3. The Guru will then awaken your Shakti. Shakti is the ability to go within. It gets awakened slowly. Over decades You can’t endure the immense energy
  4. All the wonders written in Yog slowly occur after step 3 above

You are unaware of the complexity of Yog and how much effort is needed

Your mind will revolt. Why? Your mind is engrossed in material things it wants things. If it does not get it ,it gets angry, gets depressed , cries, wails, complains. This has to be changed.

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