The Royal path

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People believe they can wake up one fine morning, start meditating and say Shivohum or Sohum, or say God is I and you are a yogi. There can be nothing farther in truth than this. It is not so easy to be liberated. You are fighting with a mental inertia that refuses to believe, emotions that are rampant, a struggle to go beyond logic , an ego that will simply not die and past karma and desires. Each part has to be overcome.

The problem is our consciousness is strongly interwoven with the body, it cannot relinquish it. Yogi can relinquish it during meditation but not always.

So what do we do?

Quite simple. You reverse the life consciousness, prana from the body and bring it to the center of the forehead. Now that reversal has to go through a channel. The subtle body has 72,000 such channels. There are 10 main ones and even amongst them 3 are the most important. They care called ida, pingla and shushumna. Or called surya, chandra and fire. The prana or life consciousness reverses its flow with the help of ida and pingla and then ascends up through the center nadi or channel called shushumna. For those unfamiliar

  1. Ida is chandra : When flow is through the left nostril it is ida or chandra. The channel is however on the right side below agna chakra
  2. Pingla is surya : when flow is through the right nostril. The channel however is on the left side below agna chakra.
  3. Sushumna : When flow is equal through both nostrils or alternates. This is the central nadi and also known as fire

Now within the Sushumna, there are 2 more finer nadis, called chitra and vajra. And in the center of chitra and vajra is Brahmanadi. Yogananda has said this about Brahmanadi : It is simultaneously inside and outside at the same time.

A yogi, reverses flow by reverses flow of life consciousness through the brahmanadi.

Now a word of caution : Please do not be misled by the fools who talk about brahmanadi and say it is the Spinal cord. It is true that the spine is where the reversal occurs. Thats why in yoga, we are told to sit in a particular posture – with spine erect. The erect spine makes it easier for the prana to ascend.

So what are the nadis? Only a very very advanced Yogi will know. Nadis or channels are strings which merge in Agna chakra?. It has very little to do with the nervous system or senses. They are not seen or dissected. No medical equipment can visualize it. Not CT not MRI. Since only an advanced Yogi can experience the Nadi, very little is written about it. It takes significant force, awakening, and vritti (attention) to experience them. Such powerful are seldom found.

In short, the Brahmanadi is the channel, through which there is reversal of flow from the lower legs to body and arms and we return to our pure self. The nadi can only be experienced in deep meditation. The effects are a different matter.

I hope this helps. One more thing. There are many different combinations that can be found betwen these nadis. Based on that, the future of self, family and mankind is slowly revealed. Like I said, such people are rare.

Since, this path is only experienced in deep meditation, they call it the secret path. Or the royal and secret path or royal path. Only those who meditate, can reverse the flow and know the blazing fiery light of self. This is not a matter of intellectual debate or discussion but for the lucky few, a matter of direct perception. This is the secret veda.

Anyway, this is my belief. I am not the right person to approach or even ask about for more details. There are many references to this in other religions too. An adept yogi can quickly spot the reference. Lastly, there are many secrets in these books and hinduism, which they have only discussed indirectly. When you can experience it, the meaning is suddenly revealed and you are thankful to the great Saints for revealing these secrets in a slanted way. It becomes a true joy, having the solved the riddle of life and the experience of joy that accompanies it.

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