A trivial story in my life

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It was the year 1972, sometime in April or May. I was about 10 years old. It was a wonderful spring morning.

At that time I was living in India. I was not very happy. I was in that house for 3 years and often wished I was back in USA. The house had a 10 feet by 10 feet long porch in the front. I would often sit there.

One of my neighbors, worked in Alembic. He had a cousin who had gone mad, had left home. No one knew about his whereabouts. He no longer conformed to social behavior. I was told he was quite dangerous

So one fine morning I was sitting on the porch, enjoying the weather. This lunatic shows up. No one had seen him in many many years. I was not afraid. Amused. He started talking. I don’t remember much of the conversation. However he asked me a question. How many Vedas are there! I am surprised I knew there answer. I was only 10. I knew it because I recently had my yagnopavit. 4 I said. He said no. There are 5 !! He said the fifth one is secret! I was surprised and it only proved one point this guy is crazy. He left after a few more statements.

Later people asked me – they had seen me talk with him. What did he say etc ? Not Much I said. Apparently he did not visit anyone else including his relatives

Another 15 years passed. I told Dineshuncle about him! I said he was crazy. He said, no no he was the only sane person ! There is a fifth Veda that is secret – it is the Brahma nadi

Today, in one of the WhatsApp chat group someone posted the Gita. Chapter 15, verse 15

Here it is

_sarvasya chaaham hridi sannivishto mattaha smritirjnyaanamapohanam cha |

vedaishcha sarvairahameva vedyo vedaantakridvedavideva chaaham || 15 ||_

And I am seated in the hearts of all beings. From me arise memory, knowledge and their loss. It is only I who am to be known through the Vedas. Only I am the author of Vedanta, and the knower of the Vedas.

sarvasya : all beings

cha : and

aham : I

hridi : in hearts

sannivishtaha : seated

mattaha : from me

smritihi : memory

jnyaanam : knowledge

apohanam : loss of memory

vedaihi : through Vedas

cha : and

sarvaihi : all

aham : I

eva : only

vedyaha : to be known

vedaantakrit : author of Vedanta

vedavit : knower of Vedas

eva : only

cha : and

aham : I

From – https://gitajourney.com/2013/03/20/bhagavad-gita-verse-15-chapter-15/

Reading this I remembered my crazy friend! Gita says , I am to be known through the Vedas

The Vedas here refers to the Brahma nadi – the only way to know God. The Royal path taking us within to Sahastrar

This crazy person, told me the secret 50 years ago. I am sure he was liberated. He had come to bless me. A little late , but I bow to him with all my heart

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