Be nice

“Every time you think good thoughts, the Kundalini begins to move upward. Every time you hate people or hold harsh thoughts about them, the Kundalini automatically moves downward. When you love others selflessly, or think kind thoughts about them, it moves up the spine.
“Kundalini Is not awakened by techniques alone.”

~ Paramhansa Yogananda

Seems easy. But it is not. Merely repeating That you wish well is not enough. It has to be from the core of your being. Something deep deep down. If you can do that, shakti does not go up , it jumps up. But one must truly want God. And then you see the miracles.

What we do is –
I want my shakti to Awaken. We want it to awaken because we want nice things or have wondrous miracles
I want my shakti to awaken. We read books ( instead of finding a Guru or surrendering to a Guru) The book says be nice.
So we try to be nice to deceive the God

30 Years ago I had tremendous hardship. Gross injustice was done to me. And all the people who I thought were friends were standing with a knife. I had no place to go. But all I asked was to love everyone just like Jesus loved all
12 years later, the person who created the most trauma – came to me seeking help. I never questioned him or asked him what happened. I immediately helped him. And we have become very close

God may get angry but it is to help.

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