The story of creation

The weaker forms of life were helpless
before aggressive stronger ones, and out
of the struggle to survive came the process
of evolution to higher, more efficient forms.
“Survival of the fittest” seems to us a
terrible law, but in the final analysis it is
not. The animals that are killing each other
are only different manifestations of God’s
thought. While encased in those forms they
do not understand that they are images of
mind. But when the little fish has been
killed by the big fish, its dream form
dissolves back into God’s consciousness,
and the individualized spark of God within
it incarnates in another form of life of
higher evolutionary value than that of its
previous existence as a fish, giving the
soul a greater potential for expression.

Paramahansa Yogananda
[The Divine Romance]

God had a dream. Now the figures in God dream were given a choice, do you want to continue the characters of the dream? And they loved their characters

But ever so often they would want a different character role and go from an insignificant character to a slightly bigger one

All this continues till they reach the coveted role of a human.

Now as this role, they have a big choice – do well and you get that role again. Do poorly and you go down to a lesser role

But the role of human had a big assignment – can you grasp any of the 4 Maha vakyas of the Vedas that you are the dreamer and not the dream ? Aham brahmasmi
Or as said in Bible – know ye not you all are Gods ( Jesus was surprised why do you act so inferior – you are God).

And few reached that goal. It Remained illusion. ….

Any Way you get the meaning!

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