Is God truly loving?

Why do I ask that?
We suffering everywhere. And in the Bible it is said , God says I am wrath or vengeance shall be mine.

I am sure an avid Bible reader knows about it

This is what Yogananda said

The orthodox notion of eternal hellfire and damnation is an utterly false precept; it arises not from God or His true prophets but from man’s own unforgiving wrath against the evil actions of his brethren. It is nothing but satanic delusion that makes man ascribe to the all-loving God, who is equally the Father of all, a revengeful vindictive spirit that creates hells and purgatories. As Jesus himself pointed out, the truth is that God in His Infinite Love. is helping His children continuously to come back to His eternal king- dom of Bliss.

~ Sri Paramahansa Yogananda,
931, The second coming of Christ.

Truth his we bring upon our own misery by our own karma No one else’s fault

So God is loving , and forgives. Provided we knock on his door. In the Bible it says knock on my door And I will feast with thee. Or something like that.

That last sentence and all the other sentences describe a technique of mediation.

Best wishes

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